ADSC – Africa Development &Stratergy Centre
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    0700249525 / 0700593109
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    XPRESS BUILDING Luanda Town, Kisumu Busia Road
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    Mon - Fri 8.00 - 17.00

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Africa Development
& Strategy Centre

Africa Development and Strategy Centre is a multi-disciplinary firm duly registered and incorporated in Kenya in 2014 under Companies Act, the Laws of Kenya.  By virtue of the authority granted under the power of the act, we are legally and lawfully permitted to conduct PROFESSIONAL CONSULTANCY AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT SERVICES.

Our Promise ADSC works hand-in-hand with clients, as a full partner, providing guidance and advice, expert technical assistance, and access to thought leaders throughout the world. We commit to ensure that every client engagement is respectful, productive, efficient, and meaningful


To promote institutional and human capacities, knowledge transfer, and system strengthening and improvements -

We maintain a collaborative network of other consulting companies and highly-skilled professionals within our core service areas.

Depending upon the nature of the project, ADSC will then assemble the human and material resources required to meet the specific needs of the client. We’re all committed in providing quality services to our clients.

Our professionals employ their expertise to provide our clients with specialized analyses and customized advice and solutions that are tailored to address each client’s particular challenges and opportunities to deliver sustainable and measurable results.


We value honesty, excellence, integrity; services with respect to local cultures and values, partnership, community empowerment and leadership, needs based programs, planning and policy development


is shaping our business everyday; it is at the heart of Africa Development and Strategy Centre’s values. In years to come, we believe that the only truly successful businesses will be those that achieve a sustainable balance between their own interests and those of society and the natural world.

Africa Development and strategy centre is a company with a clear vision, a common sense of direction and a culture of performance and delivery.

Our aim is to create a successful, sustainable company for the long term.

To achieve this we need to balance economic, social and environmental issues in our decision- making processes, ensuring sustainable working are integrated into the very core of our business.