ADSC – Africa Development &Stratergy Centre
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    0700249525 / 0700593109
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    XPRESS BUILDING Luanda Town, Kisumu Busia Road
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    Mon - Fri 8.00 - 17.00

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Training & Professional Development

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ADSC’s Training & Development service is an international full-service training solutions provider. Our primary focus is designing, developing and delivering site-specific operations and maintenance training programs. Our dedicated team of professionals includes project managers, training specialists, engineers, technical writers, technical illustrators, editors, publishers, and computer programmers.  ADSC is also known for creating quality instructional programs and materials.

We offer a wide range of competency-based training courses, seminars and workshops as well as developing programs “on-demand.”

We have the skills, expertise, adaptability and enthusiasm to offer courses and workshops in a variety of ways.