ADSC – Africa Development &Stratergy Centre
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    0700249525 / 0700593109
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    XPRESS BUILDING Luanda Town, Kisumu Busia Road
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    Mon - Fri 8.00 - 17.00

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Africa Development
& Strategy Centre

Africa Development and Strategy Centre is a multi-disciplinary firm duly registered and incorporated in Kenya in 2014 under Companies Act, the Laws of Kenya.  By virtue of the authority granted under the power of the act, we are legally and lawfully permitted to conduct PROFESSIONAL CONSULTANCY AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT SERVICES.

Our Promise ADSC works hand-in-hand with clients, as a full partner, providing guidance and advice, expert technical assistance, and access to thought leaders throughout the world. We commit to ensure that every client engagement is respectful, productive, efficient, and meaningful


  • Supply of Computing items and Accessories
  • Customized Office Stationery
  • Electronic Appliances
  • Print Media and Related Material Supplies
  • Production and Supplies of Branding & Promotional materials
  • Information, Education & Communication( IEC) materials
  • Supplies of Occupational Health and Safety Gears and Equipment.

Africa Development and Strategy Centre works with corporations, international non-governmental organizations, governments, foundations, and individual philanthropists to improve the effectiveness of investments in global health, environment, water, energy, education, engineering and ICT sectors. We maintain a collaborative network of consulting and general supply chain management companies and professionals with specific expertise and talent in our several service areas. Our clients seek to position themselves for continued growth by identifying market trends and needs, by strengthening their capacity, position, and impact.


Training & Professional Development
ADSC’s Training & Development service is an international full-service training solutions
Workshops & Seminars
We offer workshops to build skills in specific topics to suit needs of clients. These have specific objectives
ADSC courses
Data Analysis and Interpretation Courses (ADSC offers short courses on data analysis and interpretation

& Clients